Questions Interior Designer Should Ask You

Residential Interior Designers are like a psychiatric specialist, as they try to understand a couple of basic personal things about you – what’s going on your mind, your tastes, your likes and dislikes, what you really want in your home etc. There are few questions that every interior design firm discuss with you –

  1. The very first question that a designing firm asks you is what do you love in this room? This question might seem like a very basic one but it is very important as it really gives the designer the idea about your taste and preference.
  2. What do you hate in this room? This is an obvious second question, which will help the designer to understand your taste better. This question gives him the idea as what are things he needs to avoid will designing your interiors.
  3. Third one, what colours do you love? If you like neutral colours couple with just a touch of a colour or two in your living room or you like some dark shady colour.
  4. Do you have a favourite style or look that you would like to imitate? This question involves and includes an overall aesthetic.