Basic Tips For Renovation


There are few well known golden rules that one must apply while renovation Singapore office effectively. 

  1. The renovation of the office helps to save company’s overheads as it helps in increasing the thermal effectiveness of the workspace. Extra windows mean lighter and it reduces the dependence on air conditioning, and more energy proficient lighting system and other features can easily be installed.

  2. At the time of renovation, office owners can reconsider the desk’s height and consider putting into practice some standing workstations.

  3. Does the current layout of the office allow easy interaction between staff members? In open plan offices, staff desks should face inwards instead of away from one another. It’s also a good idea to provide break out areas for more private conversations and meetings.

  4. Lighter or neutral colour palette must be given preference over the darker or bolder colours. No one wants to be staring at the bright lime green wall all day.

  5. A good office redesign should also plan for new members of the team and incorporate smart storage solutions. The more storage space and different options the better this will help reduce clutter in the office.