Key Tips For Home Décor

We all think that designers have some sort of secret rule book that they follow, but that’s not true. There is no hard and fast rule that tells them what they should do. Designers are artistic types by nature and they love to dream, explore and imagine. And there aren’t any tips or tricks or skills that take years to master. Anyone can design his or her home in their creative, quirky, and rule breaking manner. There are few basic steps you can follow when you are designing your home

  1. Choose the colour that last 

There are hundreds and thousands of colours with various shades, tints and tones. And each colour looks and feels different from home to home, this is because the light sources vary, meaning what might looks good in your neighbour’s house might not look good in yours. You must give a serious though while buying paint colour for your home, the colour should complement your artwork, rug, upholstery and whatever else.

  1. Don’t over crowd your room with furniture 

Make sure you give your furniture space to breathe. Don’t overcrowding your room. Your room must have space to manoeuvre with ease. You don’t need to pack your room with lots of furniture.

  1. Artwork should be hanged at the right height 

Museums and galleries always hang their artwork in such a manner that the centre (midline) of each and every artwork is 56 inches to 61 inches from the ground, since the normal human eye level is 56 inches. It is highly recommended that you should follow the same.

  1. Be careful while arranging furniture on a rug 

Basically, there are roughly three different ways to arrange furniture on the rug.  The rug should be large enough so that all of the legs of the furniture are placed on the top of it. This gives your home décor a much more luxurious feel. But if your room is small, keeping the legs of the furniture off the rug will also do the work.

  1. Give Importance to Scale 

What might look most beautiful thing in the store may look like a monkey in your room. The things you bring at home from the store can either be as big as an elephant or it can be too small to be of any significance. So always give a thought to scale and proportion.