Singapore Homes Designing Ideas

Crafting an interior design for your home might be a challenging task but its impact is everlasting. Well, let’s list down some impressive interior design Singapore that might help you in changing the attitude and look of your homes interior.

Feature Walls 

This might not need any introduction. The feature wall comes in a lot of colour and permutations: from red look to the raw, from polished to undone ones ones and even cemented ones as well. These days, brick walls are quite a popular choice, since they go well with almost every home interior style. Feature walls add a contemporary / rustic charm.

Lighting Tracks

People of Singapore might regularly complain about the temperature in Singapore but no one can deny the fact that they are totally in love with the warm fuzzy feeling for their homes. So, just to create that minimalistic-looking and the warmth track lighting has gained a lot of popularity. The multi directional design of these lights, light up and warms up the room at the same time directing the heat away.


Curtains are one thing that can never go outdated, which is why Singaporeans prefer opting for colour full curtains that are a sleek and modern.