Common Questions An Interior Designer Can Ask You

At time of hiring an interior designer for interior design condo, establishing the relationship first and foremost is the best way to start a transaction. The interior designer may ask you various questions, just to understand what you actually want. Some of the questions that a designer can ask you are –

  • What is the function or purpose of the space to be designed – so if you want to redesign a family room for entertaining guest or just a place to hang out and watch TV , then convey to your designer the main purpose.
  • Will your space be multifunctional: If there is a second or third function to this space your designer will create a plan that unifies the room for all its uses?
  • How much traffic will a room get: The flow of traffic to any one area is always a consideration, perhaps you’d like to add a new Home Office, but you’d have to go through your bedroom to get there? If so, your designer may bring up concerns about the flow of traffic through your bedroom – are you sure you want potential clients checking out your comforter? However, by discussing this beforehand your designer will be able to work with you towards a solution that might work better for you.
  • Will other room space be affected – Your designer will want to know what other areas of your home will be affected as this will help with their overall designing process and plan.
  • Will there will be a need for new lighting design: Lighting will need to be a concern as its an element that can be very room specific, depending on the purpose of the room you may want more ambiance lighting for the bedroom, versus fluorescent lighting that would be essential in a kitchen.
  • What are the electric accepts of the space : If you were wanting to create a Home Theatre, would your designer need to bring the room up to code or have additional electrical components installed? These considerations will add to the bottom line of your budget, so your designer will want to be made aware of these extra costs to figure into your budget.
  • Are their special elements you must have – For example you really want to in cooperate an element to store all your old vinyl records .