4 Secrets to Your Best Home Design

Wouldn’t you love to have an interior design that motivates you to hang out at your house more? Well, who doesn’t? For that to happen, you will need to know a few secrets that will make your home look like your ideal castle, no matter its size.

Also, our house is our individual nest, hence it is crucial that a home is as cosy and as beautiful as possible. Now, let us reveal the secrets to making your home exude a regal and stylish vibe.

Secret 1 – Choose a suitable colour theme

This is the first factor that you should consider. Selecting the right colours will bring out the “flavour” of your house and showcase your individual flair. Colours can highlight or downplay certain parts of the house, depending on the particular space’s purpose. Hence, you can start with deciding what is your preferred theme and shortlist a few main colours from there. Some may prefer to stick with earthy, neutral colours while some may like louder colours. Feel free to mix up some neutrals and splashes of colour for certain feature walls to add character. Have some fun deciding how best to showcase your personality when designing a space of your own!

Secret 2 – Maximise your kitchen space

The kitchen is the place where home-cooked meals are prepared and where soul food is shared as the family bonds over dinner. Food is quintessential to life; hence we need to pay special care to our kitchen’s interior design in our residence.

Whether you are a family of eight, a pair of newly-weds or a bachelor, the kitchen is arguably the most frequented area of the house. Be it whipping up a meal from scratch, searching for snacks or opening up the refrigerator for a swig of juice, your kitchen contains it all.

The latest hype over kitchen isles and open kitchen concepts might give the illusion of space, but if you do heavy cooking, that might not be very practical. Every kitchen requires a cooking hob, ventilation, cabinets to store pots and pans, utensil holders, a kitchen sink and a space for the refrigerator, at the bare minimum. Hence, getting the right residential interior designer in Singapore will ensure the best allocation of space married with your choice of design. Functionality coupled with aesthetics – the best of both worlds!

Secret 3 – Don’t overlook the importance of textures!

Colours speak volumes but textures add a softer finishing touch to the overall ambience of your home. You’ve selected the perfect blend of customised colour for your living room wall. What about the finishing? Do you go with smooth or grainy or brick walls? Wallpapers are also an option. The choices are endless.

What about the windows? Do you dress them with thick, ceiling-to-floor curtains or light, flowy day-curtains that allow natural light into your home? Thick and voluminous curtains lend a touch of elegance while thin and light curtains add a fun and playful vibe that brightens up the area.

The right textures have to be carefully selected to ensure they complement your overall colour scheme and the general theme of your house.

Secret 4 – First impressions count

It’s called a grand entrance for a reason. The door and the doorway are the face of your residence. Ladies take the time to doll up and primp themselves to face the world as their best selves every day. Hence, it is important that you pay attention to the design of the entrance to your house.

What colour is your door? What is the shape of your door handle? What items are placed along the walkway leading to your living room? From the gate, to the door and to the doorway, care must be taken every step of the way to ensure that the entrance is a good representation of your house’s overall theme.

After all that effort in your interior design, you don’t want to leave a poor first impression due to clashes in the entrance with the rest of the house. Take care to ensure a harmonious blend of textures, materials and colours throughout the house to have the best version of your residence.

If all these sound like a lot of work, leave it up to the professional residential interior designers to bring your ideas to life!