Renovating Tips – Colour Combination

At times it can get a bit challenging to find a right interior design for your office or home. While designing the interiors of an office or home, every one wishes to craft an environment that will give them a particular feeling and look. We all want the interior of your office or home to appeal and attract the visitors. There are many designs available today, that can help you in the renovation of the interior environments. Although at the time of renovation choosing a perfect design can be a bit challenging.
At the time of renovation firstly, you need to consider your favourite colour scheme. Choosing a fitting colour can also help you with the design and the impression you want to create. Make sure you don’t use too many colours in a room, try only few matching colours. Once the colours start complementing one another, the room will look beautiful and not cluttered. It is advisable that your main colour should dominate the room by 70 percent, whereas secondary colour occupies 20 percent of the room and if you wish to use the third colour make sure it is not more than 10 percent.