Tips on HDB Flat Décor

One can always sublet or rent HDB flats. No doubt, we all desire a flat to express our inner beauty, show elegance and self on top of that to offer comfort for our lifestyle. When it comes to a HDB flat, your neighbours and you have no choice but to share the similar floor plan and blend, that means you might not have all the rights to décor your place.

For a possibility to having an exciting and personalized space of your own, here are few tips for HDB interior design that you can always use –

Colour –

Always use the bright colours, the darker the colour, the more claustrophobic and crowded a room will feel. The interior of a room should be a haven of tranquillity and peace, it not should be a dark miserable place.

Floors –

Make sure you do not place lots of stuff on your floor and keepit clean to build a sense of tidiness and space. Choose rugs, tiles and carpets that go together with your walls. Wooden flooringcan be a great choice, but there are other options available as well from bamboo, concrete, and wall to wall carpeting. But make sure the flooring harmonizes with your settings.