3 Tips For an Amazingly Inexpensive Office Renovation in Singapore Productivity for days!

Are you looking for a commercially designed office renovation in Singapore that will maximise work productivity, but minimise cost?

Commercially designed office renovation can potentially rack up high costs that snowball if you’re not careful. However, you can save a significant amount of energy, time and money on your office renovations in Singapore if you choose to simply renovate an existing workspace (or department workspaces). In order to ensure that your office renovation in Singapore project is a seamless, enjoyable experience, you will need to take note of our 4 tips for an amazingly inexpensive commercially designed office renovation!

  1. Plan!
    As with any other battle, you will also need to plan well to win the office renovation As such, before you start the internal onsite office renovation process, you need to take into consideration how the office renovation will affect your existing team and workflow. It is also important to take the phasing strategy into account at the time of the renovation process. It is strongly recommended, to renovate one complete floor at a time. This will help you to relocate only a small number of staff at one time. But, if you are planning to expand, building the workplace at the new area first can also come in handy.

This will help to keep the overall costs of office renovation process low. All you need to do next is have a rough idea of your office renovation battle plan, and then we can help you with the rest.

  1. Approach! 

    It is highly advisable to discuss your office renovation in Singapore project with our experienced interior designers and architects. Let them know about your plan so they can assist you with analysing every crucial factor in your project and factor in your specific requirements. Our Interior designers can also help in analysing all the pros and cons of relocating, as well as listing potential new office spaces elsewhere that they believe will suit your organisation’s brand and individual preferences.

  2. Communicate Clearly!
    Have a battle game plan ready! It is important to communicate clearly to your colleagues and/or staff about the changes that will be happening throughout the entire office renovation Let them know where they will be relocating to, what and what not to expect, as well as who and what will be involved in the office renovation project where needed. Assign responsibilities and tasks in a clear-cut manner so that everyone knows what exactly they have to do to help out. Communicate any frustrations and concerns clearly across to each other and across departments and work to resolve them quickly to ensure a seamless, enjoyable office renovation in Singapore for all in your office!

An office renovation in Singapore doesn’t have to be complicated or expensive at all. At i-Bridge Design, we work together with you to produce a dream office space that is within your budget and resource constraints.

Contact us today for our initial design consultation on office renovations in Singapore for commercial purposes!