Costly mistakes you should avoid

Home renovation and designing requires lost of planning and thinking. Home designing is all about planning and carrying out those plans perfectly of plan to make your room functionally efficient and aesthetically great. But you must know that even small little mistakes could ruin the over efficiency and aesthetic look and feel of your house. There can be many silly mistakes while renovating homes, but here are the most common mistakes worth avoiding –

  • Not hiring an renovation contractor –

Not hiring a professional renovation contractors or an architect could be the biggest mistake while renovating an apartment. Make sure to find an interior designing firm; either just for consulting or on turnkey basis; which means from designing to execution and delivery.

  • Ignoring theme based approach –

It’s better to have a theme in mind while renovating home. When you design and decorate a home based on a theme, things would look better and it will add to the functional efficiency of your space according to your lifestyle.

  • Not utilizing space properly –

One of the key benefits of hiring an interior designer and contractor is to optimize the space and it’s so very important. Make sure to optimize your space and do best utilization. Create additional storage space, even if you don’t plan to use them immediately, it will be of great use moving forward.

  • Don’t over accessorize your rooms –

Sometimes we are too obsessed with decorative elements that we end up overdoing and overcrowding the space. That’s a mistake which can just ruin the look and feel of your space and it’s well worth avoiding. Don’t over decorate, use just a few decorative elements, but use the best quality products based on your theme.

  • Wall painting –

Chances are you will just look at the catalogue at the paint shop and choose a colour based on your budget but that is a terrible mistake. That’s not the way to do it. You should take help from the interior decorators and choose the shades based on interior designing theme.

  • Small size mirror –

If you are planning to use the mirror to give a ravishing feel to the interiors, make sure to use a little bigger one.  Putting small size mirror in bathroom or bedroom can mess up the feel and look, so next time, go for big ones instead.