Cost of renovating an HDB flat

Renovation of an HDB flat is one of the few things that most couples will need to spend a lot of money on. Renovating a house is not cheap. It gets even more challenging when one hears the horror stories of people dealing with badly behaved contractors and even at times, interior designers.

So how much does it really cost for an HDB renovation? According to the statistics, the average amount spent on the HDB renovation is about $60,000. If that seems a little higher than what most of us were expecting, it is high time now, to be sensible about how much renovation of an HDB flat can truly cost you. Truth to be told, it takes a lot of effort to the renovation work doing, renovation of an HDB flat are rarely cheap. No doubt, a renovation package might look “low cost” when not including some taxes and costs. Things you might want to know about the HDB flat renovation –

·         If HDB renovation package price seems quite low from the standpoint of your interior designer, it is worth note down that there are few added works that are most likely not included as part of the renovation package.

·         It is quite common for an interior designer to upload beautiful pictures on their portfolio. One thing you must be aware of while reviewing their portfolio is the actual differentiate between actual photos and 3D perspective.

One of the easiestways to tell a difference between the two is to look at the window in the photograph. If, the view from the window looks like one which is far from the reality, it’s a 3D perspective.

·         If this is your first home, you probably do not own any existing furniture yet. New homeowners can expect to spend anything from $15,000 to $20,000 to furnish their home.

·         Renovation packages can sometimes be one size fit all packages. A sales person may promise you everything under the sun before the contract is signed and then transform into the most inflexible person after your deposit is received. Hence, it is important for you to understand each and every item that you are paying for and the justification for the price quoted.

·         It is highly recommended that you must do your own research.

·         It is always a bad idea to get a renovation package from road shows.