Clever Home Designing Tips

Whether you are looking for a quick, little home or you just moved in, or something a little more significant, there are a few under the sleeves home designing tricks that every interior designers use that you too can carry out with minimal cost and effort. At times even the smallest things can make a big impact. It can be the addition of a painting, a mirror, a plant or even a lamp. Possibly you wish to brighten a room, soften your room walls, or give some warmth to the living space. Let’s list down some clever home designing tips that can inspire you!

  1. To make the room feel bigger, paint rooms with softer, lighter colours –

A room smaller in size usually has the tendency to look and feel overcrowded, but light coloured walls, ample use of mirrors and couple of large windows, not only replicate or use the natural light coming in from the windows and but the doors to brighten up the room but also makes the room feel larger than it actually is. On the other hand, darker colours paint makes a room feel smaller, even with the presence of ample of natural light.

  1. Use decorative mirrors –

You can use mirrors to make a small room feel larger. But if you have a larger room, which have a limited amount of natural light, so to add some instant light, place the mirrors directly across from the windows. You can also use decorative mirrors in lieu of art simply to fill up the empty spaces on wall. Small or large, mirrors add dimension and light to your living place.

  1. Mix up patterns and textures –

Learn to mix up. Mix up textures and patterns, mix up colours and mix up old and new. Many people avoid placing the family heirlooms alongside their modern couch, this is really not necessary there is no harm in placing both of them together. Every interior designer you meet will tell you the same thing that the most essential feature to designing your interior is that it echoes who you really are, your style and your personality. Every antique furniture have a story attach to it.

  1. Use area rugs –

Area rugs add great texture and gives warmth, personality and colour to your living place. Make use of different fabrics and patterns together to show your character. You can also add more than one rug rugs of the same pattern.